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Confidential Records

Both the law and the standards of the therapy professions require that appropriate written or computerized medical records be kept. Records are carefully guarded within locked file cabinets and password-protected computer files. Dr. Roberson sometimes makes audio tapes or digital recordings of evaluations and sessions, and the patient is always notified when recordings are necessary. Such tapes, discs, or digital recordings are treated the same as written records and computer files. Any online storage is sent via encryption and stored with a secure password.

Adult patients or legal guardians of minors are entitled to review confidential records by scheduled appointment, unless a therapist determines that seeing the records would be emotionally damaging to the patient. In such a case, patients can have another therapist of their choice and expense review the records by appointment at RCS's office in Phoenix. Patients or their families may be charged for review time. Up to three copies of professional reports, letters, or summary information, prepared at the request of the patient, will be mailed to anyone of the patient's/parent's choosing free of charge. There may be a fee of up to $1 per page for additional copies of reports, letters, or summary information.

Long-Term Storage of Records

Records are stored in a locked facility and locked containers, until age supports transferring all the file information into electronic media. At that time, original paper records are shredded, but can be duplicated from electronic files. Such original or electronic records are kept for at least 6 years, or 6 years past the 18th birthday of the patient.

In the event that Dr. Joseph Roberson retires, is incapacitated, or becomes deceased, confidential records may still be obtained for 6 years after the last face-to-face contact with the patient or 6 years after the 18th birthday of a child or adolescent patient contact. Available records or electronic duplicates of records shall be made available to adult patients through contact with the Custodian of Records at (623) 486-0935 or by email contact. Proof of identity will be required. Up to $1 per page and $10 for transfer of such records will be charged by the Custodian of Records. Any changes to this contact information will be stored on this website.

Patient Records