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Rights and Risk

Patient Rights

Dr. Joseph Roberson makes every reasonable effort to assist patients in meeting their therapy needs and to provide the basic rights of any therapy setting at his Phoenix practice, including:

1) The right to be informed of the various steps and activities of treatment.
2) The right to confidentiality.
3) The right to make an informed decision about proposed treatment or evaluation.
4) The right to consult with counsel or another practitioner at the patient's personal expense.
5) The right to humane care and protection from harm, abuse, or neglect.
6) The right to know if needed services are known by the therapist to be provided free by public schools or other public agencies.
7) The right to have records sent to other professionals.
8) The right to personally review your records at a scheduled review time.

Risks of Therapy

While most patients do make progress and meet their goals, there are also some risks to therapy. The risks include the awareness of negative feelings, such as sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger, and frustration, or the patient may not be able to make all the changes desired. The psychological evaluations often also reveal problems that can cause personal frustration. Additionally, there is a possibility that patients coming into the office may be seen by other patients in the waiting room or hallway, and this could cause some discomfort. Other unforeseen risks are possible, but most people feel the benefits outweigh the risks.