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Fees for Services

General Fee Information

The introductory session is billed at $170 as a diagnostic session, records review, and for file origination. Additional interview sessions are billed at $150/session (45 - 55 minutes) for consulting or counseling/psychotherapy, and at $160/hour (50 minutes) for medically necessary testing and report writing. Educational testing is not covered by insurance and is billed at $160/hour (50 minutes). Medically necessary or educational testing requires additional time for scoring and report writing.

Special Fee Information

Special arrangements with employers, agencies, churches, or other third-party payers are sometimes made for special rates. Controversial cases involving school visits are billed at $200/hour (50 minutes). Brief telephone conversations are not billed, but the regular hourly rate may apply to some telephone sessions for lengthy therapeutic calls. When Dr. Roberson is asked to read lengthy articles/records, the patient may be billed at the regular hourly rate.


Dr. Joseph Roberson is currently on panels for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana at his Phoenix practice. Sometimes other insurance plans pay for services, but in such cases, there is usually a substantial copay and sometimes an annual deductible. When insurance is used, the patient or parents of minors are expected to pay the assigned copay at the time of service. If insurance is to directly reimburse the family, as when Dr. Roberson is not on an insurance panel, full payment is expected at the time of service.

When insurance is not used at all, the patient/family and therapist will determine all treatment. In such cases, no insurance contacts are made by the office staff, no third-party forms are completed, no insurance billing is done, and no diagnosis is released to an insurance company. Patients or parents of child patients are responsible for all non-insurance fees at the time of service.

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